Resources for Engineers

On this page you’ll find all the materials we’ve developed for engineers to use during the I’m an Engineer activity.

Materials for taking part in the activity

Other useful links on the site

  • Live chat booking page — On this page you’ll find the list of all the chats booked by teachers. You can filter by date and by zone, but keep an eye on new chats being booked during the activity.
  • Staffroom — The staffroom is open during the two weeks of the activity from 9am to 5pm. You can chat with the moderators and it’s a great place to get help quickly.
  • The small print


  • Zone Reports — After every activity we compile key data about the zone.

We believe that information should be free, especially in education, so this part of the site is accessible to everyone. All teachers (and anyone else) are free to use anything we’ve created on the site. This material has been created by Gallomanor (unless otherwise stated) and we have NOT copyrighted it. All material is licensed under a (CC) Creative Commons attribution license.