Key Dates for Engineers: February 2018

What do you have to do?

  • Respond to live chat invitations — From Monday 12th February onwards
  • Fill in your profile — before students log in on Monday 19th February
  • Test a live chat in the drop-in session in the staffroom — Thursday 22nd February
  • Answer questions and have live chats with students — Monday 26th Febraury – Friday 9th March

Key Dates

Monday 19th February — Site goes live for students

Please put your profile up as soon as you can. This gives teachers time to introduce the event and do background work. Use this time to play around with the site and see how it works. We will send you a “test” question to make sure everything is working for you.

Thursday 22nd February, 3–4pm — Drop-in chat session

We’ll have drop-in chat session in the staffroom so come along and say Hi! This is also a great chance to meet each other, meet teachers taking part, ask any questions, and familiarise yourself with the chatroom set up.

Monday 26th February — Event begins

It may be quite quiet for the first couple of days while students log in, but be ready for a rush of questions. We will notify you by email of the live chat sessions booked by teachers. Please respond to say whether you will participate in each live chat.

Tuesday 6th March — First eviction

When polls close the engineer with the FEWEST votes will be evicted. You will be notified by email of the result, good luck! There will be evictions every day for the rest of the week. Engineers will be emailed, and evictions will be announced on the site at 3pm each day, so that it’s before the end of the school day. Evicted engineers will still be able to update their profile and take part in live chats.

Friday 9th March:

12-3pm The final live chat lunch

An open live chat where you can drop in and out and talk to any students that log in to ask their final questions. It may be busy, it may be quiet, but it’s certainly a chance to gain a few extra votes!

3pm The final result!

The polls close for the final time and we announce the winners of I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here!