February 2016 Winners’ Blogs

After each event we ask the winning engineers to write a short blog that is sent to everyone who took part in their zone. It’s a chance for them to reflect on their I’m an Engineer experience and thank the students for their questions and votes.

Let’s take a look at what the winners of February’s zones had to say…

Conor, Coding Zone

The last two weeks have been fun haven’t they? Sounds a bit weird saying that an engineering Q&A was fun… But I really did have a blast speaking with you guys and answering your questions. As some of you know, I spent the first week of the chats in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And it’s funny because looking back on the trip, probably the thing that I enjoyed most was getting up early to see what questions you guys asked and to take part in the chat rooms. I enjoyed it so much I even bought a Brazilian sim card so that I could continue messaging while on the drive to the University!

Ned, Space Zone

The chats were amazing, you could feel the energy, excitement and enthusiasm of the students across the Internet, although on a few occasions my fingertips were beginning to smoke from the furious typing in trying to keep up with the questions. And what questions! Everything from “How is a black hole formed?” to “What is your favourite animal?”. The students wanted to know everything from the latest developments in space engineering, to what an engineer actually does on an everyday basis, to whether all engineers are anti-social! I hope we disillusioned them on that last point at least!

If you think you can handle the furious typing…Want to dispell more engineering myths…Or just want to have fun answering students’ questions…

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