Connect your students with STEM!

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here connects school students with working engineers.

It’s a flexible online activity running throughout March 2021.

Everyone can take part from home or school.

Students can:

  • Read profiles of engineers in different careers
  • Chat with engineers, in real time
  • Ask them questions
  • Vote for their favourite engineer to win €500

It all happens online. It’s safe and secure. It’s free for schools in Ireland.

It takes 2 minutes to join the activity that suits you.


Upcoming activities

You can join at any time during an activity. You don’t have to be available for the whole thing.

March 2021

  • I’m an Engineer Kilogram Zone (general engineering theme)

Find out more:
Benefits for your students ❯
How it works ❯
A short, sharable guide to student privacy and safeguarding [PDF] ❯