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Name About me and my work Zone name Date
Caoimhe O'NeillI’m a Civil Engineer and I am researching new ways to build big structures using wood grown in Ireland instead of concrete or steelKelvin ZoneNovember 2014
Colin KeoghEngineer researching advanced energy technologies (Solar panels, Biomass fuels, Algae/Seaweed Fuels) and 3D Printing technologies.Kelvin ZoneNovember 2014
David TaylorI break things, I study how they break, and I try to stop them from breaking.Kelvin ZoneNovember 2014
Katie MahonI design tanks and pressure vessels for the drink & drug industry (pharmacy drugs of course!)Kelvin ZoneNovember 2014
Lisa PhelanResearch and Development Engineer at Boston Scientific – CaliforniaKelvin ZoneNovember 2014
Ashley CulbertI manage the development of wind energy projectsEnergy ZoneNovember 2014
Catherine ConaghanI manage large European engineering projects that develop brand new ways to save energy in buildingsEnergy ZoneNovember 2014
John GingI perform technical studies of demand and generation connecting to the electricity system.Energy ZoneNovember 2014
Laura TobinI’m a PhD Researcher in Optical EngineeringEnergy ZoneNovember 2014
Ray AlcornGetting Power from the ocean. From waves,from tides and from wind.Energy ZoneNovember 2014
Padraic MorrisseyLasers aren’t just found in James Bond films but surprisingly are also a huge part of how the internet works; in my job I develop new ways of using lasers to make the internet faster!Boole ZoneFebruary 2015
Sinead QuirkeI work with a great team to make sure that flying is safe and secure for everyone travelling on an Irish airplane or using Irish airportsBoole ZoneFebruary 2015
Nathan QuinlanI find out how liquid, gas and heat move, in anything from artificial heart valves to wind turbines to aeroplane engines. Boole ZoneFebruary 2015
Fiona Edwards MurphyI am pursuing a PhD in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), which is also known as the “Internet of Things”, this involves allowing a whole range of everyday objects (a fridge, toys, car etc.) to communicate with each other and connect to the internet. The application for this technology which I have chosen is monitoring beehives. Boole ZoneFebruary 2015
Aislinn CoghlanI am a chemical engineer in a big pharmaceutical companyBoole ZoneFebruary 2015
Nicola GreeneI am a Sanitation Engineer currently working with UNICEF in Kenya.Metre ZoneNovember 2015
Martin O'HalloranI am a engineer who designs new medical devicesMetre ZoneNovember 2015
Christina LynchI’m a Support Engineer that solves problems for customers all aroung the world everyday.Metre ZoneNovember 2015
Antonio Vargas-Gonzalez I make programs to find bad webpages in the internets.Metre ZoneNovember 2015
Alex JaegerEngineering student in Biomedical DevicesMetre ZoneNovember 2015
Jeffrey RoeI make apps that help 70,000 people park their cars in cites around the world.Coding ZoneFebruary 2016
Aisling ShannonI am a Structural Engineer working at the European Space AgencySpace ZoneFebruary 2016
Colin ShirranI am an Electrical Systems Engineer at Airbus Defence and Space.Space ZoneFebruary 2016
Laurence O'RourkeI’m an engineer and scientist working on the Rosetta mission which is all about a spacecraft flying around a cometSpace ZoneFebruary 2016
Ned Dwyerworking to let people know how important the ocean is to our life on Earth and looking at how satellite photos can be used to study itSpace ZoneFebruary 2016
Niamh ShawI’m someone who combines the creative part of my brain with my science brain to tell science and Space stories to a general audience in lots of different waysSpace ZoneFebruary 2016
Sarah DoranI’m technical lead for a team making a travel website for people who travel with their jobCoding ZoneFebruary 2016
Ilaria CinelliDefinitely challenging! It is perfectly suits me!Coding ZoneFebruary 2016
Frederik GossenI teach robots and other machines how to perceive their environment Coding ZoneFebruary 2016
Conor McGinnI design, build and program robots that help elderly and disabled people to live independently in their own homes.Coding ZoneFebruary 2016
Claire ConwayI work as a researcher to help doctors to better understand how to treat patients that have heart problems.Health ZoneMarch 2017
Dominic DoyleMy work is endlessly challenging and exiting and sometime we get to see our hardware landing on a comet, e.g. Philae and RosettaSpace ZoneMarch 2017
Veasna Sum-CoffeyI am a PhD student, who is researching bone regeneration, and I am using this research to help improve bone healing.Health ZoneMarch 2017
David NolanI use computer simulations to design and test treatments that save the lives of people who have heart attacksHealth ZoneMarch 2017
Robert DowdallI develop renewable energy technologies to help society move away from fossil fuels.Energy ZoneMarch 2017
Claire BroughamHealth ZoneMarch 2017
Bobby HuxfordI am a PhD student looking at making light weight materials for cars and airplanesHealth ZoneMarch 2017
Cathal Ó MurchúMy aim is to make electricity plants better for the environment by using new metals and stopping breakdownsEnergy ZoneMarch 2017
Jenny HanafinI use satellite data to study and observe the oceans, in a nutshell.Space ZoneMarch 2017
James HarpurI work for the Space Robotics Laboratory at Tohoku University in Japan developing satellites that observe the Earth and robots that explore the Moon.Space ZoneMarch 2017
Kevin HayesI am on the graduate scheme where I worked as a mechanical responsible engineer, mechanical analysis engineer, mechanical design engineer and will work as a mechanical architect. Space ZoneMarch 2017
Norah PattenI run a start-up company in Ireland and I’m also a faculty member at International Space University Space ZoneMarch 2017
Dave BoyneMy big project at the moment is a “Speech Pronunciation Tutor”Energy ZoneMarch 2017
Karen BarrettI work at Heathrow Airport and am responsible for all underground pipelines and tank farmsEnergy ZoneMarch 2017
Roisin MossopI am an electrical engineer.Energy ZoneMarch 2017
Karl BrennanHealth ZoneMarch 2018
Pattie MathieuI look at stem cells from blood vessels and how stretching them keeps them healthy or makes them diseasedHealth ZoneMarch 2018
Edin OmerdicDevelopment of smart control systems for subsea operations with advanced user interface (touch screen, voice commands, virtual reality headsets)Robotics ZoneMarch 2018
Ivor GeogheganI study how bone cells feel different forces, such as those from walking around, and how this process goes wrong in osteoporosisHealth ZoneMarch 2018
Fiona FreemanI use 3D printing to design new implants that can be used to fix damaged bone.Health ZoneMarch 2018
Eoin McEvoyI investigate how the heart generates force (for a heartbeat), to better understand how we can design medical devices to help people with heart diseaseHealth ZoneMarch 2018
Cara O'BrienMasters student - my project is focused on developing a robot that can help children in hospitals.Robotics ZoneMarch 2018
Patrick LynchI am trying to make robots better at picking things up using camerasRobotics ZoneMarch 2018
Eimear TuohyI work as a satellite data and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) researcher, with a focus on marine and coastal issues.Space ZoneMarch 2018
James GearySpace ZoneMarch 2018
Jonathan FaullI work with the International Space University's Space Studies Program organizing the worlds best space learning program. Space ZoneMarch 2018
Lána SalmonEach day I try to solve problems to help design, build and test Ireland's first satellite. I also develop code to try find signals from merging stars using a robotic telescope called Watcher in South Africa. Space ZoneMarch 2018
Graham CullenOceanographic Engineer - We measure the ocean!Robotics ZoneMarch 2018
Aisling LeeUnderstanding how computers work and talk to each other then using that to create new soloutionsRobotics ZoneMarch 2018
William O'ConnorI work as a teacher and researcher in UCD's School of Mechanical and Materials EngineeringSpace ZoneMarch 2018