Student Data – What we ask for and why

If your students are under 13, you, on behalf of your school, need to consent for them to create an account on the site.
You will do this when ‘Creating a Class’ from your dashboard.

If your students are 13 years old or over, they will be asked to consent themselves when creating their accounts.

  • Students will be asked for minimal data: name and email address only
  • Students’ personal data will be removed after the activity

Basic questions

Here’s what we ask all students and how it’s used if they answer:

Display NameVisible on the site in Ask, comments and the Live Chat. We suggest students use just their first name and initial so you, their teacher knows who they are.
Full NameTo identify students in the event of a safeguarding or behaviour concern.
Email addressFor students to set their password. Also to tell students when their question has been answered, recover lost passwords, provide activity updates (including evictions/winners), and issue follow up surveys for students to tell us what they thought of taking part.
If students are 13 or overTo identify whether students are able to consent to share your information.

How long we retain this information for

Students’ personal information will be removed after 6 months or at the end of the academic year (whichever is sooner). We anonymise and keep their questions, comments and survey responses.

More information

More about student safeguarding and privacy ❯

Read our full privacy policy ❯

If you have any questions, email us at or call on 01225 667922.