Gallomanor produced I’m a Councillor, Get me out of Here! for eight years, and launched I’m a Scientist in 2008, then I’m an Engineer in 2012. We provide creative audience-led communication solutions and events to local government and other organisations. We are driven by a desire to increase citizens involvement in civil society with effective, innovative, and fun projects.

Shane McCracken | Executive Producer

Shane is the Director of Gallomanor Communications Ltd, which he set up in 2001. He’s an ex-advertising executive and later television executive, with a degree in business management. Creator of the ‘I’m a Councillor’ format, as well as the award-winning CampaignCreator.

Emily Paget | Site Support

Emily is the newest recruit to the team and comes with little knowledge of science but a mass of cynical and critical thoughts on communication, technology and website management. Her background is creative, which makes her an asset when it comes to layouts, making things pretty and preaching about Macs.

Antony Poveda | Engineer Support

Antony joined Gallomanor in February 2014 and so is the actual newest member of the team. He studied neuroscience before completing a master’s in science communication, because those who can’t lab, blab. His current responsibilities include keeping various systems on the go in the office organised, supporting event management and working on project evaluation.

Josh Doyle | Teacher Support

Josh joined Gallomanor in 2013 after completing an apprenticeship as a moderator, and a degree in chemistry. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the I’m a Scientist projects; sending emails, writing copy, and answering obscure questions on chemical elements.

Michaela Butler | Project Support

Michaela joined the team in February, so is the newest member of the team. With a background and degree in visual arts, Michaela begun her career working with local galleries and organisations, when she realised the thing she most enjoyed helping to run different projects. Her current responsibilities are predominantly managing events, teachers and scientists.

Web Builder: Mike Litte of

Mike Little of did an amazing job building our new site. It’s an incredibly complex site ‘doing things with WordPress that no-one has ever done before’. And Mike has never quailed. Or if he did, he didn’t show it. And he also made us laugh with his dummy text about Darth Vader.

Designer: Gareth Coxon of Dot Design

Our creative guru has been designer Gareth Coxon, of Dot Design. Gareth has been our designer on the I’m a Scientist project since the beginnning and has designed everything from the logos and branding for the entire project, to the individual pages on the website. Also, he never complained, however contradictory, confusing, or downright stupid our briefs were.