March 2020 zones

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here returns this March, for two weeks from Monday 2nd-Friday 13th.

We’re running three themed zones this March.

Read on to find out about them, or head straight to the application form to take part:


Automation Zone

Engineers have always tried to to make systems better: faster, more efficient, more accurate. Now, we can also make things smarter. From factories to Facebook to the far reaches of space, getting machines and computers to work things out for themselves is becoming more and more important.

Engineers in this zone might be making sure robots in warehouses don’t crash into each other, or making software that learns to spot patterns in genetic data to predict what diseases someone might get, or even programming spacecraft to make decisions around other planets.

The Automation Zone is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.


Environment Zone

Look out the window and try and find somewhere that engineering isn’t impacting the environment. Then look at a building and see how the environment it is in has impacted how it’s built. This is the importance of environment to engineers.

In this zone some engineers could be taking advantage of environmental features in their work, for example when building bridges across valleys, while others will want to counter the negative effects of natural disasters, of find ways to get resources without destroying the environment. How to protect water supplies from floods, designing earthquake proof buildings and taking renewable energy from the environment are all things engineers could be doing in this zone.

The Environment Zone is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.


Health Zone

A soldier with a prosthetic leg is pictured at the Personnel Recovery Centre in Edinburgh. Image: Sgt Ian Forsyth RLC

A soldier with a prosthetic leg is pictured at the Personnel Recovery Centre in Edinburgh. Image – Sergeant Ian Forsyth RLC

Our body is a little bit like a machine: our bones form a robust structure, which is moved by muscles. Our digestive system is in charge of taking up energy from food and the blood stream delivers it to where it is needed. We even have a very sophisticated waste management system, and all of this machinery is controlled by a central computer: our brain.

Biomedical engineers apply their design and problem solving skills to biology and medicine to improve healthcare. Some of the most well-known biomedical applications are micro-implants, complex equipment to look inside our bodies or robotic artificial body parts.

The Health Zone is funded by Wellcome.



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