Robotics Zone Report – Feb-March 2018

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The Robotics Zone was funded by Science Foundation Ireland, with five engineers working in different areas of robotics engineering.

  • Patrick is a PhD student researching robot manipulation
  • Graham, the winner of this zone, is an oceanographic engineer looking at data from buoys in the ocean
  • Dino is working on robots that can be controlled by voice commands and virtual reality
  • Cara is developing a robot companion to keep children calm when they have to go into hospital
  • Aisling is studying how computers work and how we create and translate what they have to say

This was the quietest zone in this event with the lowest number of students logging in and questions in Ask. We assigned places to 14 schools, but only were six able to take part because of the weather disruption. Some teachers did hand out login cards so interested students could log in from home and use ASK section, and three students made use of the evening chat for families on the final Thursday.

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