Health Zone Report – Feb-March 2018

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This event was quieter than expected due to bad weather causing many schools across Ireland to close during the first week of the event. The disruption meant that teachers had to cancel lessons they had planned to run on I’m an Engineer. In total, sixteen chats had to be cancelled across the event with many teachers unable to rearrange. This caused our averages across the event to be a lot lower than in previous years.

The Health Zone was a themed zone supported by Wellcome.

  • Pattie is a PhD researcher looking at how stretching stem cells in blood vessels can keep them
  • Karl works for MSD creating new medicines for patients
  • Ivor studies how bone cells sense when we are walking and what happens in conditions such as osteoporosis
  • Fiona, the winner of this zone, is a postdoctoral researcher using 3D printing to design new bone implants
  • Eoin is a PhD student studying the heart and designing new medical devices that help with heart disease
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