February – March 2018 Winners blog posts

After every event we ask the winning engineers to write a short post to be sent to all the students who took part in the zone. It’s the perfect way for the engineers to reflect on the previous two weeks, thank all the students for voting for them, and talk about how they plan to use their €500 prize money.

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Eimear Tuohy, University College Cork, Space Zone

It was great being able to share my knowledge and experience with such enthusiastic and interesting students. I hope that all of the engineer’s answers have helped you identify what aspects of science and engineering you could study in the future. I hope we inspired you and cleared up any concerns you might have had about engineering. And to be honest, all of the interesting questions and chats inspired me and reignited my love of space!


Graham Cullen, TechWorks Marine, Robotics Zone

I viewed this as a great opportunity to engage with school students and to give them an insight into what an engineer actually does. So, thank you to all the students who asked questions, I hope my answers help you to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, but mainly…. do what makes you happy!
You have all inspired me to spread the word about Engineering, so you may see me at some STEM event or other event in the near future. Best of luck to everyone in your future careers and thanks again for a great experience!


Fiona Freeman, Trinity College Dublin, Health Zone

I would highly recommend to any fellow Engineer to take part in this competition. It is rare that you can reach out to so many students and inform them on all the amazing aspects of engineering. It is also in a casual setting so both you and the students are relaxed which always leads to easier conversations. Furthermore, through answering the amazing questions the students asked I also learned so much more about the body and how it works.


If you’re up for the challenge, want to answer some downright weird questions, even learn things from students…

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