November 2015 – Metre Zone

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here will run for two weeks during Science Week from Monday 9th to Friday 20th November 2015.

We need engineers who are keen to talk about their work and find out what school students think about engineering. This is your opportunity to tell them how they can apply what they learn in their Maths, Technology, Design or Science classes in the real world.

General Engineering Zone

Metre Zone
Engineers are more than Structural Engineers or Mechanical, more than Electrical Engineers or Civil; engineers aren’t defined by just one field. We’re looking for five engineers from different areas of engineering to help show students the breadth engineering, and that it isn’t all spanners and hard hats.

Thanks to Science Foundation Ireland’s Discover Programme for funding I’m an Engineer Ireland.

Apply now to take part!


Teachers apply here:
Apply before Sunday 20th September.
We’ll send an email out soon after you sign up asking how many classes you would like to bring online.


Engineers apply here:
Apply before Sunday 27th September.
Take a look at this page for our advice on your application!

This November we’ll also be running I’m a Scientist. Click here for more information.

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