Ireland’s Call for Engineers

Engineers have always been welcome to take part in I’m a Scientist, but that doesn’t do justice to the fact that there are probably more engineers than scientists in the country. And that since schools often don’t teach “engineering” there is less opportunity for schools to understand this essential discipline.

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here! works in the same way as its older sister. Five engineers CHAT with students, answer the questions ASKed, and compete for VOTEs to win a €500 prize.

This November 10th – 21st we are running 2 zones, during Science Week. We’ll announce what the themes are in September. In the UK we’ve run a wide range: Space, Detection, Transport, Water, Energy, Health. What do you think we should run in Ireland?

What’s next? Engineers!

We need engineers who are keen to talk about their work. We’re not looking for the glamorous gigs or the most experienced engineers. Matt Maddock, a previous participant sums up who we are looking for:

“If you get any joy from explaining the world, or think you might have some aptitude for it, then don’t hesitate to apply! For the sake of a couple of weeks with a little extra work-load, the experience is an amazing one! Finding out what the students care about, what they are concerned with and how they have a genuine interest in the world around them is exhilarating. It’s not nearly as daunting, tiring, troublesome or time-consuming as you might fear! I found that all my fears were groundless and all my hopes for the competition were exceeded massively!”

Engineers, take Matt’s advice and apply here.

Members of Engineers Ireland can earn up to one day’s CPD by taking part.

Teachers needed

This project works for maths, science, technology, engineering construction, and for design and communication graphics. If you’ve taken part in I’m a Scientist please encourage your colleagues to sign up. Let their students benefit from asking real engineers about real engineering. As one student summed it up simply:

“I enjoyed taking it I think this a good way to teach students what school helps you achieve”

Teachers, let us know you’re interested by applying here.

More funding = more learning

Science Foundation Ireland are part-funding this project. We have some additional funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Wellcome Trust, but further funding would enable us to involve more schools and more engineers in this inspiring project. Please call Shane McCracken on 0044 1225 326892 or email if your organisation wants your engineers to be able to participate in an energising and uplifting outreach project.

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